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What is LaPilou

LaPilou is a laptop tray. It protects your legs from the heat that laptop produce and makes working on your laptop more comfortable. It is not only a laptop tray, it's multifunctionale. It can be used as a mini table for having breakfast in bed,  reading, eating, drawing or playing in bed or on a sofa or laptop work anywhere.


LaPilou is a family hand-made product. We insist on  the quality and individual  look. It means that you can either order LaPilou from our  gallery or you can get  customized one, which would fulfill your taste and style (own picture, colour of the pillow and frame).

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Selling gallery

  • flowers
  • red luxury
    red pattern, grey wooden frame, brown cushion
  • Let's learn english
  • Girl in white
    Girl in white, black painted wooden frame, white cushion.
  • Marseille in ochre.
    Marseille in ochre LaPilou. Grey painted wooden frame, street art on the wall, picture taken in 2005, ochre cushion.
  • Urban grey
    Urban grey LaPilou, grey painted wooden frame, turquoise cushion
  • Cat
Buy LaPilou Price: 830CZK