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About LaPilou

How we started up

As we spend a lot of time with laptops on our lap, we were looking for a practical product (not an Ikea one), which reflects our own style.  We found out that such a product is unobtainable, so we made it ourselves.

Who we are



I create, cut, hone,  glue, sew.... and sell.



My skillful father, who because of (or thanks to) LaPilou has finally cleaned up his workroom, so he can now make and polish wooden LaPilou's frames. 


What is LaPilou for


Everybody who uses laptop on his lap knows that it produces heat and it gets very uncomfortable after a while. There has been done research saying that heat from laptops can significantly elevate a risk of men infertility. Beans filled cushion moulds itself to the contours of your knees and different desired  angles. The cushion sheet is removable so can be washed or you can order a new one in different colour. Laminated tray allows easy cleaning.




By using LaPilou we came up with all different kinds of practical use of it:

How we do it

We put the frames together, clean its surface and paint/wax it.

We print selected picture and laminate it.Then we glue the picture to the desk and frame it. 

We build a structure of the desk which we put the LaPilou bag to.

We shrink the fabric for the LaPilou bag, iron it, and sew the bag which we fill with EPS-beads (EPS beads are in separate bag so they won't spill around).